How to start a streaming website

It is definitely not easy to create a streaming size of the same scale and size as streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu, but streaming movies can be a lucrative business idea that can earn you some money on the side if you have a good approach. The demand for streaming services is always growing as more people get into the habit of watching online films. You can get a lot of traffic on your website when you use online movies as a marketing tool for whatever product or service you are offering too.

This article will give you some insight into how you can get started on starting an online streaming service, but you will need to do additional research to be better placed to handle the task that is involved.

Start with the website

Streaming movies requires heavy data bandwidth and as such, you will need to start by making a substantial investment in a web hosting package. You will need good connectivity, reliable storage, good latency, and high bandwidth so that you can maximize uptime and avoid downtime when your server experiences traffic spikes. You will need to find a deal that is cost-effective and offers a lot of disk storage and high bandwidth limits. As your service continues to grow, you may need to go for cloud storage hosting.

After finding a hosting service, you will need to register a domain name and design a suitable website. In case you have no knowledge of web design, you will need to hire a software engineer and work with them closely. You could decide to do the front-end part of the website yourself using drag-and-drop web design services such as Wix. However, the back-end is usually a bit complicated and will require the services of a professional software engineer

Make your website stream-friendly

As you design your website, it is important that you keep your viewers in mind at all times. You will need to make several decisions regarding the features you want to offer your viewers. A good streaming service is supposed to have security encryption, reliable content delivery, user support, video functionality, management networks, and creator customization so that viewers can enjoy the movies in an easy and seamless manner.

All the benefits and capabilities of your website should be highlighted on your homepage. The homepage should also include the log in and registration forms for viewers to create and access their accounts on your website. The viewers should also be given the ability to create their own customizable dashboards and personal profiles.

Any good streaming service should have a content library from where viewers can browse through available content.

Licensing and acquiring content

When you buy a movie DVD, what you are doing is that you are just buying the content and not the embedded rights that come with the movie. That means that you can watch the contents of the DVD, but you have no rights to resell, redistribute, or stream to other people. For that, you will need special rights and that is where licensing comes in. You must acquire proper permissions and rights to stream any kind of media that is produced by you. Permissions and rights are acquired from creators of the content you intend to stream.

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