Why IPTV is becoming popular among students and educational institutions?

Earlier TV was primarily used for entertainment purposes, watching news and sports, and some infotainment programmes. The scenario has changed over years. Now, TV is also very much used for many other purposes including education etc. There are exclusive channels for educational purposes. This helps educators in providing high quality education to masses.

Academic institutions, educators and students are immensely benefited with these channels. These channels hold virtual classrooms in which they show animated examples which sorts out subject ambiguity of students.

Educators and students were facing following problems with traditional TV systems:

  • Educators and students cannot watch TV on their devices. They have to be glued to their traditional TV systems or install TV systems in their classrooms in advance to watch specific programmes.
  • Some of the programmes are telecasted when students are attending their classes so they miss these informative classes.
  • Students and educators are unable to watch the episodes or TV telecasting these educative channels, may be because they are located in a remote area where TV signal were interrupted because of satellite-dish connection.
  • Students also miss their informative episodes because of rain, overcast sky, storms etc as they do not get access to these channels because the communication or transmission is either interrupted or unavailable.
  • These educative channels hold lectures and classes in sequential manner hence missing one episode or episodes of a particular subject or topic puts learners in big problems as they struggle to understand the subsequent episodes after the missed episode.

IPTV is preferred by parents, educators and learners

  • Learners, parents and educators prefer uninterrupted TV connection so that they can watch TV as per the need and preferences.
  • IPTV providers use best IPTV servers to transmit TV on high speed Internet.
  • With IPTV, students and educators know that they will get uninterrupted telecast of these educative channels.
  • Unlike traditional TV systems, IPTV can be watched on more devices than traditional TVs. High quality IPTV streaming contents can be watched on other devices like Desktop, Laptop, IPAD and even on their smart phones connected to high speed Internet.
  • IPTV can be watched during inclement weather like storm, overcast sky and rain etc. This benefits the students, parents and educators as they can watch every episode on their devices if their devices have access to high speed Internet.
  • Since IPTV is available in remote areas and crowded urban areas as well, hence students and educators can watch these informative channels at any location across the country if they have access to the Internet.
  • Since students and educators can watch IPTV on their mobiles as well after downloading IPTV apps on their mobiles. This feature of IPTV sorts out the unavailability of the channels as students and educators can watch these channels on their mobile phones.

Students and educators prefer IPTV over traditional TV systems because of the advantages like availability of IPTV across the country as high speed Internet is generally available across the country. IPTV has an advantage that itcan be connected to and watched on various devices like Desktop, Laptop, IPAD, mobiles, etc. This is a great advantagewhich motivates students, parents and educators to take IPTV subscription for their academic purposes.

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