Words to know before looking at a search engine results page

Google results have several things to do, and everything you see out there has a purpose and backstory. Let us discuss some words. 


SERP stands for search engine results page. As the name suggests, it is the page that will be displayed whenever you search for any information in any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. For instance, let us consider that you are searching for Donald Trump on Google. The next page you will see will be a set of links that are from websites that talk about the former American president. These websites could be blogs, magazines, news websites, or any company website. All these would have some relevance to the term you have typed in the search box. Along with these organic results, you will also see some ads on the top. These are the links of those websites which have paid the search engine to show their links at the top. Like these, there will be several features that will provide value to the person who searched. Based on the position of a specific website in these results, one can find the performance of that website for that keyword (search term). To do this, one has to use a SERP checker

Meta description

You would find two or three lines below the link of the webpage describing the content of the page shortly. 


As said earlier, there will be several website links appearing on the search engine results page. Among the millions of webpages out there, the top listing pages will have something that makes them stand out from the rest. These positions of webpages are known as ranks in SERPs. If you want more visitors to come to your website, you should have a better ranking. The top-ranking webpage will get the majority of the visitors. 


Google and all other search engines work by providing the users with the information they want. So, they will provide the relevant website links whenever a user searches using some queries. These queries will have some specific words that differentiate this query from others. For instance, a search query consisting of the word photography (photography skills) will be different from the query dancing skills. In this case, if you are a photography institute, your keyword will be photography. When you have this term in your webpages positioned correctly, your webpage will rank higher on the SERP. Some of these keywords will have more search volumes, while some will not have anyone to use them. It is necessary to use the keywords that are popular among the users. 

Google traffic

Traffic is the number of people who are visiting your website by clicking the website link on the SERP. When you rank at the top for a specific keyword, some people would get impressed by your title and description. These people may visit your website, and hence, you get traffic. More traffic is beneficial for your business. 

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